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About Me

About Me

I grew up in France, in a modest city of Brittany.

Confronted very young to many struggles and mature questionningsloss, death, illness-, I spent my youth reading, writing, researching… what separates us from one another, what separates us from ourselves, what separates us from the entire world.

…Only but to find what brings us together. LOVE. Compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, sincerity, kindness.

My father, whose strength, protection and tenderness wrap each of my steps.

My Mother, the midwife of my Soul.

I always have a thought for you, dear reader. You, who, in the anonymity and intimacy of your heart, never despair in Man and in Love.



“Live, as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Gandhi sums up here the wisdom that my parents, together, have passed on to me.

My Story

After graduating in France with honors in High Litterary studies, I challenge myself and study IT engineering to later settle in Montreal, Canada and become an IT Engineer for one of the world’s largest voice recognition and artificial intelligence companies, Nuance Communications Inc. where I will be promoted Senior at less than 30 years old.

But this American Dream was not satisfying my soul, neither answering my questions. My body, mind and heart were feeling adrift and craving for more. Not for more material: for more meaningful, more authentic, more substantial.

II then decided to leave everything behind me and follow the call of my soul, settling in a small village in North India in the foothills of the Himalayas. There, I will learn Traditional and Ancestral Indian medicine, devoted to  patient care for 3 years. A free-fall yet an unparalleled blessing in my life.

I realize that the answers will never be there, if I am not here – in my very own heart wide open. That everywhere I turn my face, I see my face: the multiple faces of Life.

I realize that we are on a very essential need of another approach of healthcare, life and the living, to answer our physical wounds and spiritual thirst.

So here I am now. I moved back in Europe to create the Love Medicine Association, as well as the related Film-Documentary and Book. A project that gathers around it more than 50 influential speakers worldwide in the field of Science, Spirituality and Health.

I want to clear up certain doctrines and misconceptions that the modern sciences have shaped in our minds, as well as religions and many so-called spiritual/new-age movements, so often contradictory and arbitrary.

Modern medicine and science teaches us that only material reality predominates, that time is linear, that each element can be taken separately and that chance governs.  Yet, ancient medicine and wisdom, quantum physics, indigenous cultures, and simply common sense and observation make us conceive of a world much different: natural, intelligent, and full of beauty.

The vision is what we call « holistic »: a conception of the Universe and of the human being as a dynamic globality, and synchronic entity. An interrelated, interdependent, indivisible, inseparable, intuitive and powerful creative intelligence. 

In no way my approach is one of a teaching. I do not want you to think like me; I just want you to think. Feel. Live.

Speaker, Specialist in Traditional Indian Medicine

Ayurveda is ancestral and traditional medicine of India which has much to offer in our modern world.

Its intuitive wisdom is time-tested and based on millennial writings approaching health and diseases in an efficient and harmonious way, emphasizing that life is based on the principle of balance. To achieve this, Ayurveda as well as other ancestral medical systems, excells in the art and science of Nature.

I have been working since August 2016 at the Bhawani Ayurveda Center with Dr. Manan Soni, in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India, after having graduated in Winter 2015 and Spring 2016 in Montreal from the Ayurveda Academy of Quebec, under the teachings of Jonathan Leger-Raymond, eminent therapist and friend.

I am also an author and contributor for the online magazine, reference magazine on Ayurveda. My articles on holistic health are published here, as well as on the Center’s website.

I am also a speaker at conferences and congresses in France, Swiss and Canada, promoting integrative medicine and authentic dialogue.

Poet, Writer

« To live is to capture the fragrant essence of life, of experiences, of thoughts, of emotions.
I write to capture moments of eternities escaped from the infinite, that we are given to taste in dust.
I write to praise laughter and tears.
I think that beauty is meant to be exalted. But pain! Even more.
I write to transform our sorrows into rebellion, our absolutes into passion. I write so that my word is a kiss for your heart, and yours a song for my soul.
I think everything we do must be an art. To keep intact our inner ability to be curious, to wonder, to marvel, to not fall into the catalepsy of days. Yes, human love is a shipwreck, and our bodies are already adrift. Yet, as our boat takes water from all sides and that we let ourselves be drowned, something magical happens.
We finally do not want anything more than to be carried away by the turns of the waters. Yes! We must only surrender to Life and Love with our whole body, heart and soul. Life is in the drowning!
And then, – the light reaches us, guides us. I hold your hand, we meet again, we understand, we are a lighthouse for each other, we go back home. I could never be more close to you than I am now, in the way that two shadows are intertwined together. »

To discover more of my writings please check my website and the POETRY COLLECTIONS section, as well as my Facebook Page.



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