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The Association


Love Medicine (L’Amour Médecin) is an Association registered in France, number RNA (National Register of Associations) W222002306.

The aim of the Love Medicine Association is to bring together people who want to see emerging a more humane, loving, opened and reasoned unified medicine and want to involve in that direction.

The Association is accessible to everyone, not just therapists, practitioners and doctors. It does not belong to the medical or spiritual world. It belongs to your life force and your conviction to love.

How to join and register

To join it is very simple,

• Download the MEMBERSHIP DOCUMENT (click here)
• Fill it out and return to

It’s a smart and committed way to support the project and affirm your hopes.

After receiving your subscription and post confirmation of your membership, you will receive by mail your Certificate of Membership and brochures, at your choice in French and / or English.

The subscription is 50 euros for the year (by check, bank transfer or PayPal).

Membership benefits

Being a member allows you to:

• Be part of a network of active people resonating with common hopes with in order to take actions, exchange and create locally, nationally and internationally via the VIBRERLOCAL platform: click here to create your profile, find other members and start interacting!

• Be referenced in the Association Register to those seeking a health approach sharing ethics of Love Medicine

• Early access to registration for events and conferences

• Discounts on events via partner organizations

Commitments & Ethics

As a member of the Association, you recognized yourself in these engagements:

• Promote the respect and dignity of people, respect their physical and moral integrity and identity.

• Promote a holistic approach that takes into account all aspects of being,  making the person a partner of its own healing.

• Give caring individualized attention. Listen to and examine the interactions among multiple factors: emotional, spiritual, dietary, societal, environmental and lifestyle that can affect long-term health and complex and chronic diseases. In this way, support the unique expression of health and the search for a dynamic balance.

• Empower and encourage individuation, autonomy and expression.

• Identify health as a positive vitality – not just and simply as the absence of disease – and focus on all factors that promote life.