The documentary will  realize a series of video portraits, interviews of doctors, scientists or researchers, therapists and lecturers – united by the same heart desire to see emerging an integrative, human, sensible, rigorous, open, integrating medicine reuniting science and spirituality.

The documentary will also include excerpts from conferences and congresses and places that exist to deploy this integrative medicine on which you can rely in your choices in terms of health.


Hanane Fatima Hassani

Dr. Mario Beauregard

Gregory Mutombo

Francois Breton

Dr. Jean-Louis Garillon, N.M.D, H.P., D.P.H


Dr. (Vaidya) Manan Soni, B.A.M.S

Dr. Joao Carlos Das Neves Pereira


Dr. Fabrice Jordan


Alina Moyon

Jonathan Léger-Raymond

Philippe Sionneau

Dr. Olivier Chambon

Gwen Clappe

Dr. Sandy Octavia Plouvier

Carine Songeon-Riondel

Malek Boukerchi

Suzy Kassem

Amit Kalantri

Abhijit Naskar

Nassrine Reza

Anthony Fardet

Audrey Cansot

Florence Casile



Eric Cazin

Corinne Hamel


Jocelin Morrison

Laurent Guerison

Patrick Shan

Sophie Mainguy Besnier

Eric Baret

Thierry Janssen

Nicolas Souchal

Tayeb Chouiref

Leonard Laskow

Dr Julien Drouin

Marie Borrel

Juliette  Tourret

Xiaolan Zhao

Ginette Forget

Jean-Yves Dionne


Sylvie Ouellet

Diane Gagnon

An-Phuong Nguyen


Line Asselin

Irene Grosjean


Isabelle Challut

Dominique Jeanneret

Luc Benhamou

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