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I do not want to show you beautiful pictures that will make you dream of having access to this or that approach and let you wake up in the morning with the same perdition and out of spite, return to consult your obtuse doctor. I do not want to interview shamans in the mountains, science wells in lost villages. I want to show you that the world is active for this medicine that you expect and that this is not put forward on the media scene or even spread to the general public, those who suffer, those who hope .

For that, the documentary will come to complement the book in order to realize a series of video portraits, of interviews of doctors, scientists or researchers, caregivers, friends or colleagues of the whole world and of any horizon, talking about their practices, their approach, their their feelings and paths, all united by this same desire to see the emergence of an integrative medicine, human, sensible, rigorous, open, bringing together science and spirituality.

They will be interviewed on the epistemology of their systems, lineages, tradition, on their approach in terms of diagnosis, their vision on the body and the mind, on the rules of standardization, controls and documentation within their practice as well as on their clinical aspects.
The documentary will also include excerpts from symposia and congresses and the steps and places that exist to deploy this integrative medicine on which you can rely in your choices in terms of health.

The common dissatisfaction of the current medical system connects us, and the false war that the media has to support must lead us to invest in what we want to see emerge. The perdition in which we find ourselves faced with all the choices that are proposed to us in the field of so-called “alternative” medicine must push us to no longer oppose science and conscience and adopt a rigorous but non-excludant approach.

I chose to interview and select as partners of the project people from all horizons who will create the medicine of tomorrow, men and women competent and sincere atypical and incredible course. Often characters bringing together in their practice modern medicine and ancestral medicine. I let you discover.

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Hanane Fatima Hassani | Paris, France | Hanane grew up in Algeria, close to her grandmother who introduced her to her shamanic circles where she worked to help the most diminished, and her grandfather who practiced magnetism, cupping, herbs and natural products for to heal. A former state-certified nurse, an official of the APHP (Public Assistance of the Paris Hospitals), she fought to rehabilitate the nurse in her real, sensitive and human role with the patients, and for her recognition as well as her freedom to to act within the hospital structure. She left this one several months ago to engage in a professional reconversion within the IFPEC: French Institute of Emotional and Cognitive Psychotherapy, formed by Jean Michel Gurret at the Sainte Anne Hospital in Paris. She will soon open her own practice in Nice. Passionate about energy psychology she participates each year in international congresses in energy and quantum, finding next year different scientists in the United States with the ACEP (American Association of Energy Psychology). She is also a psycho-practitioner in energy and cognitive-emotional techniques (EFT technique), trained in Access Bars, Magnetism, Cardiac Coherence and in accompaniment specialization and guidance for post-traumatic stress disorder and trans-generational memory. Intermediate (she does not like the word medium subject to interpretations) since her birth, she communicates with the deceased to pass the messages to the families, sometimes working to the passage of souls, unblockings and energetic cleaning, karmic cleaning and dispossession of entities ; with the help of different guides and minds. For her, the most important thing in care is availability, presence to others and doing things with her heart. Love is the most powerful energy that heals everything, absolutely everything.

Dr. Mario Beauregard | Quebec, Canada | Researcher in neuroscience, an associate of the Department of Psychology at the prestigious McGill University in Montreal and a doctorate in neurobiology at the University of Texas, he receives in October 2008 an international media coverage to affirm that the brain is not the seat of consciousness. In 2006, he participated in the NFB’s documentary, The Mystical Brain. He then became a member of the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences at the Université de Montréal. He is co-author of the book The Brain to God (The Spiritual Brain) and “The Powers of Consciousness”, which argues that the mind can not be reduced to neurochemical processes in the brain, but that on the contrary influences the brain. He participates in symposia and congresses around the world to develop a “post-materialist” world and science. “

Gregory Mutombo | Paris, France | Since childhood, Gregory Mutombo has had a spirituality which, because it prefigures his imperious need for unity and the absolute, singles him out. In 1995, he left for a hiking trip in the Bulgarian mountains. He finds himself face to face in this essential nature that speaks to him continuously, day and night. A few weeks later, in response to a kind of inner injunction that imposed on him during a long nocturnal meditation, he joined the army, quickly conceiving that this path, by its intensity, its diversity, its density and its demands will be rich in initiations. This is the beginning of a journey, an eighteen-year journey in the world. He is neither a judge nor a hangman, but an enlightened observer of the shadows – he knows how to be light in the making – he walks in silence, with compassion and a fierce willingness to see behind the veils of violence. At the end of 2012, after a difficult six-month mission in Afghanistan, he knows that this long initiatory journey is coming to an end. In fact, he is gradually reappropriating this Knowledge of which he has never been cut off and aware of the power of anchoring, guidance and discernment that this previous slice of life conferred on him, he has since committed, with absolute determination, in service to others, in service to the common good and publishes two works. Through retreats, travels, conferences, seminars and individual consultations, today tens of thousands of people have seen, heard and felt Gregory bend over their souls to read between the lines, to help them uproot their fears and sorrows.

Mike Hung | Quebec & China | Chinese Medicine Specialist

Francois Breton | France | Holosynergy Founder, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker. Result of a long personal initiatory journey and years of travels, meetings of initiates, spiritual Masters, the Andean cordillera to the deep riches of ancient India, his personal experience allows him today to connect many traditions and share the essence of these practices and multiple spiritual teachings. His initiatory and spiritual practices for many years, his sensitivity and his profession of landscape gardener allowed him to deepen this contact with the subtle worlds and to understand the richness of a conscious collaboration with the spirits of nature, teachers and guides of light by which he is accompanied and taught for a very long time. It is with the heart and evidence that today he accompanies others towards a deep and sincere return to his true Self.

Dr. Jean-Louis Garillon, N.M.D, H.P., D.P.H (Public Health) | Nancy, France | Dr. Jean-Louis Garillon, Following a medico-surgical training in Nancy, Jean-Louis is moving towards homeopathy and anthroposophy, then opens to complementary therapies through universal symbolism, ontology and study of traditions both in France and abroad. He travels the world (Europe, Africa, Asia) to “live the traditional knowledge”. He is responsible for sanitary missions in the Saharo-Sahelian Touareg areas, bringing stills to distil aromatic plants, and Dolpo (northwestern Nepal) to assess the health of the inhabitants. His curiosity drives him to Moscow where he will discover “quantum medicine” in the service of space conquest. As a physiologist, he develops a new approach to vital mechanisms through nano-wave physics (biocommunication and bioresonance) and designs an “integrated physiomics” to maintain and regenerate biomechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing in a vision. global of the individual (body-soul-spirit).

Dr. (Vaidya) Manan Soni, B.A.M.S | Himachal Pradesh, India | Dr. in Ayurveda, member of the Himalayan Doctors Association, physicist specializing in Panchakarma cure and its applications. Panchakarma includes all types of cleansing and regenerating therapies. This is the great process of purification and renewal of Ayurveda. It is indicated for the maintenance of the health or the more advanced cases, the patients of Dr. Soni being often of those which the modern medicine classified of “incurables”, which it addresses by answering “nothing is impossible. He is part of the lineage of Alchemists under the teachings of his Guru (Master), Eshwar Reddy. He currently practices at the Bhawani Ayurveda center that he has created in his native village at the foot of the Himalayas in northern India and travels twice a year to France to give health consultations and conferences, anxious to offer others perspectives in the treatment of diseases, and promote an authentic and traditional Ayurveda to all.

Dr. Joao Carlos Das Neves Pereira | Paris, France | A surgeon with a degree in medicine from the Paris Descartes University, a postdoctoral fellow specializing in thoracic surgery and lung transplantation, he is also active on the international scene, having worked with the American College of Surgeons. An active contributor to the Fast Track method developed to reduce recovery time after surgery, he is working to integrate traditional and “alternative” medicines into the heart of the hospital.

Conrad | France & Quebec | Born in the family ranch, Conrad has always been in harmony with nature. From an early age, he felt a lot of respect and love for the earth and nature. He knew that they were “gifts” and that they could reveal a lot to the human being. For him, it was obvious, necessary and essential to preserve this ensemble, this “Great All”. It does not belong to any spiritual, traditional or religious movement. The essence of his knowledge and his teachings take their source within himself, spontaneously, as if he kept an original memory and which is dear to him to transmit today. He is the author of “Take Consciousness and Advance …” and “One Breath”. Conrad now dedicates his life to accompanying, guiding, helping people, animals and the Earth to foster some changes and transformations towards a happier life and a better World. He carries a message and his deepest wish is that happiness, harmony and love can be in everyone’s heart and mind. Conrad passes on its teachings through seminars and conferences in several countries.


Dr. Fabrice Jordan | Switzerland, Europe | Doctor, FMH in Internal Medicine and AFC in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been practicing Taiji quan and Qi Gong for over 25 years and has been engaged with a Chinese Taoist master for over 10 years, in the Quanzhen Longmen line (Dragon Gate). He is currently responsible for training acupuncturist doctors in French-speaking Switzerland, at AGMAR, and is the founder and director of Ming Shan, the first major center and European integrative Taoist temple, which will open in autumn 2019.

Alina Moyon | Paris, France | Doctor in pharmacy, who, after 15 years spent in pharmacy, and taken by her passion for natural therapies, specialized in aromatherapy and olfactotherapy and decided to sell her pharmacy in 2012. She also practices hypnosis, symbolic therapy and shamanism. Convinced of the importance of comprehensive health care, she currently gives courses in nutrition and aromatherapy in different schools and faculties and organizes training for health professionals and individuals. In parallel she consults and accompanies in her office in Paris in nutrition, aromatherapy, olfactotherapy and reiki and also gives lectures and courses in parallel to maintain its YouTube channel and to intervene in various media. She is also co-author of the book: “Drug Interactions, An Information Guide on the Influence of Medications with One another, with Food, Plants and Natural Health Products”, the only French-language book on this subject. “I have always thought that the human being could not be reduced to a machine, as sophisticated as it is. To apprehend it, we must consider the physical side, of course, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual sides. The state of health is the perfect balance between all its aspects. This is why I felt the need to add to the allopathic approach natural alternatives more respectful of this balance.
This is how I first became interested in nutrition, which builds us, and which I consider as a basis for addressing any health problem. I then considered essential oils, beautiful thanks to their biochemical, olfactory and vibrational properties to treat body and soul ailments. Energy methods have been added to complement my holistic approach to health, well-being and beauty. “

Jonathan Léger-Raymond | Quebec, Canada | An Ayurvedic therapist and herbalist accredited by the Quebec Guild of Herbalists, Jonathan is co-founder of Ayurvedic Center Ayurveda in Montreal. He received his teachings in India in individual mentoring with doctors from Ayurvedic families, Dr. Kannan and Shankar, in Kerala. “I discovered Ayurveda in 2000 during my first stay in India. I fell severely ill and a doctor understood without a word my problem, simply by reading my pulse, and resolved my lamentable state by some plants. Eager to learn “real truths”, I went back to this country many times to study at the source in India with my mentors. These trips have transformed me into consummate Indophile: since I spent more than 2 years in India, this wonderful chaos. Here in Quebec I practice medicine, study its history, play music, speak its language and enjoy my food. Today doctors, public health experts and academics are interested in our work, and I thank Dr. Kannan for giving me his legacy. “



Philippe Sionneau | Paris, France | One of the few Westerners to have completed a full course in Chinese medicine in a university in China which he is an official state of the People’s Republic of China considering him as a doctor and making him the first French to have obtained this title. Extensive writer and popular author of 37 published books, in 6 languages ​​some of which are textbooks of Chinese medicine universities in the USA. An insatiable researcher, renowned teacher and international speaker, he is often the host of national and international conferences and seeks interviews for various media. However, he remains a practitioner dedicated to his patients whose main passion is to help and care for people who suffer, focusing his medical practice on the differential diagnosis of Chinese medicine and uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietetics as well as the Chinese massage to treat his patients. He practices in his office in Spain.

Dr. Olivier Chambon | France | Olivier Chambon is a French doctor-psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He is a former University Chief of Clinic and a former hospital practitioner. Olivier Chambon created, in collaboration with Prof. Michel Marie-Cardine, the first university degree of “integrative psychotherapy” at the University Claude Bernard in Lyon. Dr. Olivier Chambon has been a pioneer in behavioral and cognitive care methods for chronic psychotic patients. He was also one of the promoters in France of the integrative and eclectic approach in psychotherapy. He has been interested for several years in the use of altered states of consciousness (hypnosis, EMDR, shamanic journeys, and the use of visionary plants such as ayahuasca and iboga1) in psychotherapy. He is also the author of reference books on the therapeutic use of psychedelic substances and on psychotherapy.

Gwen Clappe | Switzerland & France | Gwen is a dynamic and positive young therapist who practices and teaches holistic health. Trained by great therapists, healers and shamans, he knew how to reconcile in him a Western education valuing intellect, mind and logic with its Malagasy origins whose values ​​are ancestral, traditional and wild at the same time. He heals the four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual with revolutionary and universal healing tools; that he then transmits to his patients and trainees because for him, the best doctor in the world exists in each of us. He has a particular attraction for spirituality, he perceives and delivers the messages of his soul and his guides with accuracy and universality. Gwen works and works for more awareness of ourselves, of our multiplicity and our re-connection to our souls, so that together we make this planet Earth a better world where Love, Peace and Fraternity reign .


Dr. Sandy Octavia Plouvier | Paris, France | Angiologist doctor, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Lille, specialized in medical information, medical training-facilitator. After 12 years of practicing a medicine oriented “international recommendations” (president of medical training association, specialized in statistics and database management), it is marked by deep questions about the meaning of his life and perceives that buried truths lie in her own which undermine the so-called “Cartesian” foundations of her medical practice. New fields are available to her (quantum medicine, hypnotherapy …) and are thus very useful in addition to her “classical” medical knowledge in the face of particularly vulnerable patients in a service dedicated to polyhandicap. Putting the consciousness of being at the service of medical practice, she reaches a plan of consciousness that teaches her on a synthesis of science / medicine and spirituality, with a non-dualist vision that allows her to rise to the medical situations seen very often very incompletely. She draws a book entitled “Thinking the Body in Unity – Words of the Superior Wisdom to the Carer”, a book (forthcoming) in which the Order addresses the disorder of caregivers immersed in duality to mark their path , a vision to join a space where the body would be full expression of the divine.

Dr. Claire Leppert | Guingamp, France | Dr. in Homeopathy

Dr. Charles Paitel | Civray, France | Dr. in general medicine

Carine Songeon-Riondel | Paris, France | After having gone through the world of the show, Carine is currently a journalist at INREES (Institute for Research on Extraordinary Experiences – Institute dedicated to the study of unusual human experiences and was founded by journalist and writer Stéphane Allix and Dr. Bernard Castells The institute publishes a quarterly, the magazine Unexplore and also comes in different media.The goal of the INREES is to sensitize the health professionals and the general public to the extraordinary experiences that a certain number INREES has the support of personalities such as Mario Beauregard, Stanislav Grof, Kenneth Ring, Jean-François Clervoy, Bernard Werber, Jan Kounen, Romain Sardou, etc.).
Carine specializes in inner exploration and psychology and shares in her articles and publications (Blog – Notebook of a self-taught psychexploratrice) the texts & thoughts of the lighthouses of the psychology of the depths (Carl Gustav Jung, ML Von Franz …) who enlighten and accompany his own inner exploration.

Malek Boukerchi | Paris, France / Reunion | Specialist in relational intelligence and situational integration. Trained in anthropology and philosophy, storytelling specialist, he acts as a consultant to support and develop relational strategies within companies in all sectors. It is shared between the metropolis, Reunion (one week / month) and black Africa (1 month / year) where it provides expertise in alternative education focused on cooperative games and stories of wisdom. But that’s not all. “Writer of Dreams”, writer, Malek is also an ultra-marathon runner who has one day made a decision that has turned his life upside down: run the ultra ice marathon in Antarctica. This practice takes him today to the ends of the world to explore the limits of the possible and surpassing oneself.
Author of Once upon a time in Antarctica (First editions) and contributor to the Laboratoire du Bonheur (Solar editions).

Dr. Céline Lamy | Quebec, Canada | Pediatric Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor (Montreal) – Author-Chroniqueuse. Dr. Céline Lamy publishes this fall in Quebec, France and Belgium her new book “It’s raining at home, talking about your mental health with your children”. She offers every week on her blog ( a chronicle “Learn to dance in the rain” to reflect, sometimes jostle (in all goodness)! She talks about childhood (our inner child and our children, parenting, education and daily life, stressful but source of learning every moment!) She invites everyone to dare to authenticity, dare to be imperfectly unique! Dare to be yourself, one moment at a time, one emotion at a time! She loves to travel the world to meet the Human, to share, learn, grow, marvel .He deeply believes in a humanist medicine and global.It commits daily in a movement to think about educational alternatives, school for a happier childhood, the generation of tomorrow! Passionate about yoga, music, writing, reading.

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