L’Amour Médecin/Love Medicine is an Association Law 1901, number RNA (National Register of Associations) W222002306.

The goal of the L’Amour Médecin/Love Medicine Association is to bring together those who are eager to see rising a new approach to Life, another vision of health, life and disease, for an integrative, reasoned and opened medicine.

The doctor, practitioner or therapist referring to LOVE MEDICINE will commit:

  •       To promote the respect and dignity of people, their physical and moral integrity.

  •        To recognize the limits of their skills, to remain humble in their practice.

  •        To encourage the search for causes of what affects the person and to help him in love and understanding.

  •        To promote a “holistic” approach that takes into account all aspects of being, that is to say, to make the person a partner in his healing.

  •        To give individual and personalized attention to each person and support the unique expression of health and the search for a dynamic equilibrium.

  •        To recognize the individuality of each human being, and encourage it in its individuation, its autonomy and its empowerment.

  •        To identify health as a positive vitality – not only and simply as the absence of disease – and to focus on factors that promote life.


Being a member allows you to:


  • Be part of a network and be referenced to those seeking a corresponding health approach

  • Join an active community for the emergence of integrative medicine

  • Build links with members and organize multi-disciplinary opportunities and events at the local, national and international levels

  • Early access to registration for events and conferences

  • Discounts on events via partner organizations


Please contact us on contact.lamourmedecin@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a member or for any question.