Love Medicine, Medicine reborn

“Medicine has made so much progress that no one is healthy anymore.”,  said the visionary writer Aldous Huxley.

Indeed, with all our inventions that we call progress, are we really in a safer life? More comfortable ? More meaningful? More free ? More peaceful?

“Love Medicine” is a documentary film initiated by Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne.

It will invite to a deep reflection on health and illness and the actual status of medicine nowadays. It is now more than ever, necessary to see emerging a new approach to Life and the Living: for a medicine that is more loving and more human.

This documentary gathers around him more than 50 speakers from all around the world, personalities and anonymous, in the field of Science, Spirituality and Care. People who are committed to Life, eager to rethink medicine with love and intelligence.

The release is scheduled for theaters in 2020 and you can support the project on PAYPAL and follow it on the Facebook Page.


“In our times when PHARMACEUTICAL SCANDALS are multiplying, when modern science often seems to lead to a DEAD END, all the Fakemed tribunes targeting ANCESTRAL MEDICINES, acupuncture, homeopathy, in our times when CHRONIC DISEASES due to our western way of life are becoming so common, while people are increasingly looking for how to take back their health in hand, when more and more people are turning to the confusing and dizzying variety of NATURAL and alternative approaches, while often lacking a SOLID and scientific SPEECH:

it seemed to me that this project WAS MORE THAN NECESSARY.

Love Medicine brings together more than 50 personalities to redefine Medicine and a new approach of Healthcare, life and the living. I will meet commoners and influential people, share their stories and inspire the world. ”

-Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne




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