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Love Medicine is an upcoming film-documentary and a book driven by and at the initiative of Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne.
It is carried by Nicole Azzaro and Delphine Pervilhac, producers at Y.N Productions and directed by Alain Eskenazi co-founder of HolyLife Prod, accompanied by Olivia Sinet, photographer and film-maker.



Author and Director of the project

Senior IT Engineer
After a school background leading to Hypokhâgne (high literary studies) she changed lanes and became Senior Engineer in Computer Science at barely 30 years, in Montreal, for one of the world’s largest voice recognition companies (Nuance Communications Inc.)

Author of two Poetry Collections, “Of Light and Flesh”, and “On the Nature of Daylight”, she is currently writing her third, “Daughter of the Wind”. She also writes on her free time a book between spiritual aphorisms and autobiography, “Burn & Illuminate”.

She shares her knowledge of Ayurveda, Geobiology, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine in different cities of France and in articles on her website CALLISTEA.COM.

Indian Medicine Specialist (Ayurveda)
She leaves everything in 2016 to settle in India at the Ayurvedic Centre BHAWANI AYURVEDA  founded by Dr. Manan Soni, following her soul’s calling and living an unparalleled transformation in her life.

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HLP was founded in 2018 by Olivia Sinet and Alain Eskenazi to promote and to value the inspiring initiatives of the actors of the change, creators of the world of tomorrow, for the emergence of a more solidary society in connection with the earth and the sky.

We produce videos and organize events … in the presence.



Realisator, Photographer, Peacemaker



“It took me a long way to find my original path and recognize my true nature.
Lover of cinema, beautiful stories and especially of benevolent human encounters, I try to contribute with humility, to various achievements and organizations of events, promoting dialogue and aiming at bringing together all the human beings whatever their origins, colors, beliefs or religions. In a non-dual and universal approach.

In 2018, I co-founded the video production agency Holylifeprod, designed to highlight the actors of change and all the initiators of a collective awakening.
I also directed three documentary feature films as well as the production of video series and interviews. “

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Realisator and Photographer

She likes to share in photos or videos the beauty of the world and the people around us. She likes to realize clichés that reveal what this world has to offer. For her, art and photography must be meaningful.

She works regularly for INREES TV and Baglis TV. She co-founded the CuriozWorld association to carry out her projects and co-created the Holy Life Prod © brand, with Alain Eskenazi, to meet the specific needs of the entrepreneurs of change.

Spiritual Explorer
Eager to discover the spiritual traditions of the world: a spirituality without borders or dogmas, carrying messages of peace; she is also interested in discovering ways of living respectful of nature and the human and is versed into the Daoist wisdom of Daxuan school.
Winner of a grant in 2011 for her Organic Wines project, she immerses herself, for one year, in the world of wine from all over the world – from Australia to Argentina to New Zealand, Chile and the heart of France.

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Production director
Director of the Stand4Production Agency, graduated from the prestigious film school La FEMIS and CLCF (Free Conservatory of French Cinema), Anshul has worked for more than ten years in art.

At the heart of his approach is the theme of simplicity in life and in nature – bringing out the beauty hidden under the ordinary.

He produces films and documentaries for television and participates in large-scale projects around the world for M6, Arte, France 2, France 5, Gaia, Nat Geo, L’Oreal, Ushuaia, Channel 9 etc. as well as various governments.

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